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We are regularly asked many questions about how to build a retaining wall, where should we start, what are the best materials etc and to help you out we have compiled a series of questions drawn from those most commonly put to us by our customers with regards to the construction of a retaining wall and in particular with regards to how you can easily build these with our concrete sleepers. We have provided answers to each of them in the hope that this will assist you in your own wall project whether it be for a simple garden bed, a low rise retaining wall or a retaining wall with a fence placed on top.

Do you deliver orders for sleepers to site?

No, however, we have an external transport company that can work directly with you to arrange any transport of sleepers you need. Simply advise us when you place your order and we will have them contact you by phone and/or email whereupon you can make your own arrangements. Once these arrangements are made then just let us know when your order will be picked up and by whom so we can ensure the delivery of your concrete sleepers proceeds smoothly.

Do your products meet Australian standards for constructing retaining walls?

Yes, all our products meet Australian Standard for Earth Retaining Structures (AS 4678-2002)

How much do your sleepers weigh?

Our sleepers are around 80kg per sleeper depending on which style of sleeper you are after.

Is Council approval required to build a retaining wall?

In most cases retaining walls will not need a development application if the wall height is proposed to be less than one metre in height, it is set back from any boundary and is stepped or terraced so that landscaping can be planted to soften visual impact. However, you should always check with your local council before you start.

More info can be found on the following council websites

** Keep in mind if you construct your retaining wall without obtaining building approval in some cases you may face heavy penalties for committing an offence against the Building Act 1975 and consequently the Integrated Planning Act 1997 ***

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